How to apply for one of our scholarships

We are looking for individuals aged 16 to 25 divided amongst 3 groups to be the recipients of our entrepreneurship scholarships:

  1. 16/19,
  2. 19/22 and
  3. 22/25.

Please fill out our PDF application and take note of some of our criteria:

  1. Hold a high school diploma and be enrolled as a full-time student  
  2. Excellent academic record
  3. Demonstrate leadership in extracurricular activities, an outstanding personality, strive for success and be engaged in a project
  4. Have a business idea, a project and/or a plan and demonstrate how funding would allow you to take your project to the next stage

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so if you want to start your business and have a great business idea, we are happy to help you to make it happen! We believe in you! There are no limits!

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