Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. There are certain identifiable and pervasive individual characteristics/traits which separate the better from the rest.

So what are some of these characteristics/traits?

– Discipline and Resilience

Being an entrepreneur is full of setbacks and challenges. For example, your new business could appear to be faced with a multitude of continuing problems for lengthy periods of time before something good comes around the corner.

Being able to stay focused, disciplined and keeping high spirits can make the difference between giving in and seeing a golden opportunity around the corner: don’t give up!

– Calculated Risks

It is often said that being a good entrepreneur means being someone who is not afraid to take risks.

However, if that were true and without limitation, then any type of risk would be seen as favorable.

This could not be farther from the truth. Whilst it is true that every entrepreneurs journey relies on an element of luck, timing and chance, the best risks taken are those which are carefully calculated in terms of seizing the most sizeable reward.

– Creativity and Re-Invent

Just because your business has now taken off does not mean you can leave the wheel. What helped you create the successful business is only the beginning and you should never be satisfied with what you have produced but – instead – to keep re-inventing and improving your business leaving the competition in the constant distance.

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