Our Mission & Vision


We are a truly international foundation with a global reach with young entrepreneurs, donors and mentors located on 6 continents.

Sharing and Mentoring

We offer access to a diverse network of international mentors active in different sectors and to whom the generation of tomorrow is important.


Our motto is to encourage young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills and help them persevere in an entrepreneurial career early.

Young Women

We believe in the development and growth of young women entrepreneurs and the active promotion of gender equality. That’s why 30% of our YoungE3 funds go towards young female entrepreneurs.


We favor diversity in terms of the geographic location, sex, experiences, languages and industries of our mentees.


We want to help creative people develop their empire.


Given the history of our founder and the key role that China has played in her career and business ventures by offering her the opportunity to create a niche expertise which helped her move up the professional ladder quickly and gave her international recognition in the business and legal industry, one of our priorities is to be one of the first foreign funds to focus on young Chinese entrepreneurs wanting to grow and explore the world of international business.