What is Young E3 ?

Young E3 is a fund set up to kickstart a venture or an idea, and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in students aged 16 to 25. It is a network bridging young entrepreneurs with international industry experts for mentorship.

Our ambition is to build a global network of mentees and experienced industry-specific mentors.

young entrepreneurship excellence experiment fund

The 3 Es that drive us and the foundation in what we believe in.


Possessing the inner quality and mindset to seek out new ventures, the passion to create and innovate.


The need to be outstanding, aim high and go above and beyond.


The curiosity to make a discovery, test an hypothesis, develop a new niche or demonstrate a known fact. The belief that everything is possible.

Our Concept & Other Es

It is simple. We are looking for the right entrepreneur with the right attitude and skills. Drawing on our experiences and our relationships with mentors around the world, we have raised funds to invest in entrepreneurial ventures by young and ambitious individuals who embody the different Es.


Be a highly well-rounded individual in different spheres of your life.


Whatever it is you do, be excited, passionate, and dynamic.


The drive to build one of your own and nothing less!


Strive to learn, share the knowledge, and develop through mentoring.


Be original, ingenious, and never stop growing.


Become one. It's never too early.